I already did everything I can.
I prepared as much as I could.
I spent every lucid hour to do the right thing.

I know I cannot get everything I want in the same time.
I catch a cold.
I have a little fever.
I have less energy in these days.

All I can do is pray.
Rest in bed and grab a pen.
I really hope everything would be ok.
I hope I can recover and regain my energy ASAP.
I am so scare. I am going to fight.
And all I can do is pray.

May god bless me, please.


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  • cherylwu
  • 你已經準備很多了
  • James
  • 加油囉!!
    以平常心去面對吧 我相信沒問題的~
  • frances18
  • I'll pray for u.